Modified Gatherings

Dear Victory Crismon Church Family,

First of all, thanks for being you. In these unprecedented times, when fear and mourning and pride and discord seem to rule the day, I count myself blessed to be part of a church family that has adapted and has been showing the love of Our Lord by checking in on and supporting each other, sharing online messages on Facebook, singing recorded worship music at home, participating in Zoom check-in and prayer gatherings, and financially supporting this ministry online.

Following the phase one church reopening guidelines we have been given, our 10:30 am Sunday in-person worship gatherings are currently modified as follows:
• Social distancing of at least six feet will be practiced by all at all times.
• Masks will be required for all at all times (Children under age five are exempt. Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Jim will be removing their masks for their public speaking times, while keeping their distance.)
• Children are expected to remain with whomever brings them at all times. There will be no kids message gathering, kids church, nursery care, or family room availability.
• Before entering, temperatures will be checked with a touch-free thermometer to verify temperatures are not over 100 degrees.
• No bulletins will be distributed.
• Entrance doors will remain propped open.
• While online giving is still preferred, offering buckets will be available before and after the service in the lobby.
• Door handles and bathrooms will be disinfected before the service.
• Chairs will be spaced out and arranged in sections of 1, 2, 3, and more than 3.
• Coffee and refreshments will not be available.
• The worship team size will be smaller with 1 or 2 vocalists at the rear of the stage.
• All that said, the goal is still for those who choose to gather to see familiar faces and to worship our God the best we can in these circumstances, with music, a live kids message, live preaching, and live prayer.

Many of you are very concerned about getting sick or infecting others, or you have been sick recently, are sick, or are in a higher risk category. I encourage you to continue online worship.

Many of you think social distancing and masks are ridiculous and aren’t going to do either, let alone both. I encourage you to continue online worship.

However, for those in between, one additional option will be offered until either it is no longer considered safe to do so and we return to online-only worship, or until we can move forward to the next phase in worship gatherings.

Rather than dwelling on what we cannot do, it’s imperative right now that we adapt and focus on what we can still do. We can still pray. We can still read the Word. We can still connect with each other. We can still trust God. We can still be faithful. We can still be generous. We can still worship our loving heavenly Father wherever we are and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

Please do keep me and our church in your prayers, knowing I’m praying for you as well.

Pastor Jeremy