Victory Church Crismon Campus is hosting Alpha, an open and informal dialogue about existence, the person of Jesus, and what it all means. We want to hear your thoughts and questions as we explore these themes together without the pressured atmosphere that usually comes with these conversations.

If you are “new” to Christianity, or are a seasoned Christian wanting to grow, we suggest Alpha as a great way to get connected and grow!

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening manner. Alpha is enjoyed as much by those who have never set foot in a church, as it is by the regular church-goer. No matter your background, whether investigating Christianity for the first time or revisiting your faith, you are certain to benefit from the Alpha Course!

The format is simple: a casual meal, a lame joke, a couple songs, a 20-minute film, and a discussion about the film.

Next Alpha Course:

Wednesday Evenings

Sep 23  – Nov 18, 2020

6:15 – 8:15 pm

Childcare provided.

No cost.