Sermons Achieve

2018-06-20 Our Hope is God Alone: Even if lies sound seductive (Genesis 3:1)

2018-06-03 Our Hope is God Alone: Even if my dreams are destroyed (Ruth)

2018-05-27 Blessed are the Ordinary: The Happiness Store

2018-04-29 Blessed are the Ordinary: Church Then & Today

2018-04-22 Blessed are the Ordinary: But Woe

2018-04-15 Blessed are the Ordinary: Before & After

2018-04-08 Blessed are the Ordinary: Congratulations! (partial recording)



2018-04-01 Easter: The Great Renovation



2018-03-18 A Vision for Victory: How? 5 Habits

2018-03-11 A Vision for Victory: Who? 5 Gifts

2018-03-04 A Vision for Victory: What? 2 Commands


2018-02-25 Piercing the Darkness: Hidden to Shining

2018-02-18 Piercing the Darkness: Hungry to Fed

2018-02-04 Piercing the Darkness: Strangers to Family

2018-01-28 Piercing the Darkness: Demonic to Beloved

2018-01-14 Piercing the Darkness: Unclean to Touched

2018-01-07 Piercing the Darkness: Shame to Celebration


2017-12-31 New Year’s Eve: Organized Around Faith


2017-12-24 Christmas Eve: What God Wants for Christmas


2017-12-10 Don’t Just Survive – Thrive: Peace

2017-12-03 Don’t Just Survive – Thrive: Hope

2017-11-19 Don’t Just Survive – Thrive: Healing (A Healthy Congregation)

2017-11-12 Don’t Just Survive – Thrive: Power


Note: Bible readings are typically from the ESV translation.